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F² Photography incorporates Furry Friends Photography, which specialises in pet photography based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. F² Photography's main subjects include landscapes, flowers, 4wd's & racing, wildlife & portrait photography.

Furry Friends Photography specialise in pet photography based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Too often I've heard people talking about a beloved pet, who passed away too soon, wishing that they had more photos, photos that showed their pets for who they were. Don't wait until it's too late, we take pictures of our friends and loved ones, why not our pets? Our furry companions are always there for us, never criticise or judge us, love us unconditionally and think we are the most important person in the world. Let Furry Friends take photos of your precious pets that you can treasure for a lifetime.

Most animals feel more comfortable in their own environment so we come to you to take beautiful pictures of your furry friends with years of experience with many different types of animals. Having a great understanding of your pets we work in a kind, compassionate, friendly manner and give plenty of treats and praise to your precious pets. I prefer to capture your animals own personality and style, so you can have your session at your home, backyard or your favourite park/beach.

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Email: furryfriendsphotography@live.com.au